Lawn Mower Buying Guide

Large volumes of models and brands of lawn mowers are available in the market making it very difficult to pick the best lawn mower. This lawn mower buying guide aims at helping you choose the best mower in the market. There are two main in things to consider while choosing a lawn mower: the power source and size of lawn you want to operate.

1. Lawnmower Power Source:

Lawnmowers are normally classified according to their power source. Some can be hand-powered, electric-powered, petrol-powered or battery-powered. Each of these types of lawnmowers has different capabilities and is useful in various situations.

Hand-powered lawnmowers:

The main types of lawnmowers hand-powered are the cylinder lawnmowers. These are the lawnmowers that are designed to include series of rotary blades that rotate against fixed blade at the bottom. These types of lawn mowers are perfect for leveling lawns that are fine. Hand-powered mowers require lawns that are regular mown to remain level and fine.

Electric-Powered Lawnmowers:

There a wide range of Electric-powered lawnmowers in the market. Some Cylinder, Rotary, Hover and cordless land electric powered. Most electric-powered cylinder mowers are adjustable to various cutting widths making useful in various types of lawns. Although they are available at higher prices as compared to the cylinder lawnmowers, they are perfect for keeping family garden perfectly trimmed.


These are very powerful types of lawnmowers that can cope with different types of lawn and can handle rougher areas of grass as well as sloping banks. The most common types of petrol-powered mowers include Rotary, Hover and cordless. However, the most powerful one is the Rotary mowers that include blades that rotate horizontally at a configured cutting height.


The most common types of battery-powered lawnmowers are the Cordless Lawnmowers. These types of mowers have gained a lot of popularity due to the affordability of ions batteries. Modern battery-powered mowers are self-propelled making them easier to push in larger lawns.

2. Lawn Sizes:

It is important to consider the size of your lawn while choosing lawnmower. Electric mowers are normally perfect of small lawn because they are more affordable, lightweight and easy to store. You just need to plug them in before you start mowing. For the medium lawn, an electric mower is still good, but cordless battery powered mowers are even better as they are easy to use and does not involve cables. On the other hand petrol, powered mower offers maximum power to deal with harder grass.

However, if you have larger lawns, you need a wide cutting width that is easy to push. Petrol and Cordless-powered mowers are self-propelled, which make it easier to push in larger lawns. These lawnmowers do not involve extension cables, which give a freedom without being interfered by cables.


The main different between the mowers available in the market is self-propelled and push mowers. Although push mowers are cheaper and easy to maintain, the self-propelled mowers are easier to hand and allow a variance of speed control that suits your working pace. You may also have to consider the size of the collection box. Larger collection box allows you to the lawn for a longer time without the need to stop to empty the collection it. If you want to achieve a stripe-effect on your lawn, choose a mower with a rear roller that flattens the grass in one direction.